Mary Hayden is really looking forward to retirement (that is, when she gets around to actually retiring). Having moved into River Landing back in November, Mary still works fulltime at Qorvo in inventory management and logistics. And while she does miss out on some of the activities and events going on during the day, she feels right at home thanks to the beautiful view from her westward facing 3rd floor apartment and the amazing friendliness and humor of the people who live and work here. “The sunsets are gorgeous,” says Mary.

Originally from Sodus Point, New York, Mary grew up under the gray skies and harsh winters of the snow belt on the shores of Lake Ontario. Situated on a tiny cape about halfway between Rochester and Oswego, the small village has a population of around 900. “The last time I checked, they didn’t have any stoplights and I think they still don’t,” she says.

These days, Mary is happy to enjoy the relative warmer weather of North Carolina. “That Carolina blue sky and the sunshine… Sure, it rains and snows here. But it’s not 35 below,“ she says. “And (the snow) doesn’t stick around for long.”

She began visiting River Landing two or three years ago. For her, making the decision to move in made perfect sense. With no family living nearby, Mary wanted to downsize and not have to worry about being alone as she got older. And one of the best reminders of this came on her very first day at River Landing.

In the middle of all of the hustle and bustle of her move, she got into a car accident. Although she wasn’t injured, she wasn’t able to meet to complete her paperwork with the administration. “Somehow, the staff found out and made sure that I was all right. It meant a lot.”

The caring and kindness of the staff has been one of the biggest benefits of moving for Mary. “It’s not a fake, smiley face kind of approach. It’s really sincere with the staff. They make this our home. That’s what they want it to be.”

But it’s not just the staff that makes her feel right at home. “There’s so much energy, activity and fun,” says Mary. “And all kinds of things to get you into the community. It is amazing how friendly and funny people are.”

“Honestly, this is the best decision I have made in my entire life,” Mary adds. “It has been a life-changing decision. I am so very happy.”

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