When Ann and her husband, Bob Reagan, made their move to River Landing, they took little time enjoying the services and amenities. Yet, their favorite part was meeting so many new, like-minded residents.

“The people here are wonderful,” said Ann. “We’re all very close, like a family.”

It didn’t take long for the couple to get involved with committees and activities within the community, but one thing always stuck out for them: the pavilion just outside of their home.

“The pavilion has been there since we moved here, but we noticed that it was never used,” said Ann. “It’s a great community space, and we’re the only neighborhood who has one.”

To the Reagans, it would be a shame to not utilize such a unique outdoor venue. So, in the spring of 2017, the Reagans started weekly get-togethers alongside a small group of friends, which have continued ever since.

“The Pavilion Gatherings are every Friday evening around 6pm,” she said. “Weather permitting, of course. In the cold months, we sometimes have people at one of our homes, and when it rains, we usually just get together the next week.” In the winter, signs are posted on the mail box to direct folks to the gathering spot that week.

“Bob and I used to just go to the pavilion with wine to watch the sunset, and it grew to about 15 people. Now, we usually have about 30 people who all come with their drinks to just catch up and chat,” Ann said and laughed. “We tell jokes, talk, giggle, just keep up with the neighbors. Even people with caregivers who have moved out of the neighborhood and into the big house will still come out.” Many residents refer to the main building on campus as the big house.

The gatherings have become a place for friends to keep up on the news like who may be sick and who may be out of town.

“We all watch out for each other, and this is a great way for us all to slow down and catch up after the week. We even have a resident who comes out sometimes with his ukulele to serenade us.”

As they continue to grow with more and more people joining in on the weekly block party, the group quickly realized that they needed more seating for folks.

“We started out with 16 chairs,” said Ann. “We talked with the management here to make a proposal for more tables and chairs. They were so great. They ended up giving us three new tables and 30 new chairs for everyone.”

Outside of the Pavilion Gatherings, the space has become a focal point for the neighborhood as residents enjoy impromptu picnics throughout the week or go out for wine and the sunset after another beautiful day at River Landing.

Residents and Residents of the Future are welcome to join others at the Pavilion Gatherings every Friday at 6 p.m. in the neighborhood behind the main River Landing building.

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