When residents make their move to River Landing, they bring with them a myriad of talents, experience, knowledge, and often the passion to pass these to someone else.

“It’s a challenge as we age,” said Cindy Hawks, River Landing’s Director of Resident Services. “Our residents have a wealth of knowledge and have tremendous things to offer of great value, but oftentimes, they don’t always have an audience. This program gives them the opportunity to share those things.”

In the Fall of 2016, River Landing became a partner with High Point University’s Pharmacy School’s Longitudinal Patient Experience Program. As the only one like it in the country, this program gives students the soft skills needed for their future career.

“Students are great with technology and are able to catch on to things quickly,” Cindy said. While in the classroom, students can learn the details needed to be good pharmacists. However, with help from River Landing residents, they can become great pharmacists.

Residents volunteer to participate and are placed with one student. They then meet three times per semester.

“The students have an agenda to touch on certain topics. Each meeting is a different topic,” said Cindy. “Then, at the end of the semester, residents are able to rate the students on communication skills, punctuality, attendance, and other things.”

The students will continue to partner with the resident throughout the three-year Pharmacy Program, with each new year bringing a new wave of students who will be partnered with their own residents.

“It’s a cool experience,” Cindy said. “Walking through campus during the school year and seeing students talking with residents and watching that bond form between them is wonderful. You can see a new friendship forming. We even had a student get married, and the resident went to the wedding.

This program is a great way of bridging the two generations together.”

While the program is currently filled, residents are encouraged to contact Cindy Hawks for more information or to sign up for the upcoming semester’s students.

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