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What's Better for You: Butter or Margarine? Red Wine or White?

A deeper look at the current line of thinking on 4 popular food duels.

4 Ways to Donate to Charity Without Writing a Check

Want to make a difference, but the budget doesn't allow? Consider donating something other than cash.

6 Reasons You’re Still Having Trouble Losing Weight

There are six lesser-known lifestyle and environmental factors that could be sabotaging your weight control efforts in small, but significant, ways.

Caffeinated or Not, Coffee May Help You Live Longer

Two new, large studies found that people who drank even a single cup of coffee a day lived longer than people who didn’t drink any coffee.

What the Future of Caregiving Looks Like

Here’s what to expect in 5 years, 10 years and the 'Jetsons' future.

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