If you haven’t heard from Betsy Seaton yet, you are in for a treat. As the new Community Relations Director at River Landing at Sandy Ridge, Betsy is looking forward to meeting each and every future and current resident of the community.

Betsy brought her energy and enthusiasm to her new role in late January, nearly nine months after welcoming her new baby girl into the world. And so far, she is finding tremendous joy in having a routine and working with what she considers an amazing community.

“I can’t wait to be able to meet people in person,” Betsy says. “Making those connections with our future residents is my mission. I’m excited to get to know them… to make sure their questions are answered and that they feel confident in me and their decision.”

She pauses briefly and adds, “I want them to know that I’m here, I’m listening and I’m looking forward to working with them.”

In her first few weeks, Betsy jumped right into helping the community’s efforts to administer the second round of COVID-19 vaccines to residents. She volunteered to work at the welcome table, giving her the opportunity to introduce herself to nearly all of the residents. “It was a really awesome way to meet people,” she says. “Otherwise it would be months before I could meet everybody. And all of the residents have been so kind.”

In addition, she has held a number of Zoom events to help those outside the community get more familiar with her and the many new amenities that River Landing has to offer.

“These first weeks have flown by,” Betsy adds. “It’s been great! But I am ready to meet people in-person, safely, when we’re able. In fact, we have been able to do modified tours of the new clubhouse and the wellness center.”

Betsy was attracted to the community through her earlier experience as Director of Community Engagement for the Children’s Home Society. The local nonprofit has enjoyed a productive partnership with the community over the years, including the annual Christmas gift giving event for foster families, which River Landing’s staff (and now residents, too) continue to sponsor and host. During that time, Betsy worked closely with the staff to make Christmas a wonderful time for the children and their foster families. Betsy also served as Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement at Guilford College just prior to coming to River Landing.

“I fell in love with River Landing and the team here,” she explains. “It’s been neat to get to know them and get to know the culture… the way the stars aligned for me to get this role, someone’s really looking out for me.”

Originally from Winston-Salem, Betsy spent a few years working in the country music industry in Nashville before returning to the Triad to be closer to family. She now lives in Greensboro with her husband, Eric, and nine-month-old daughter, Eleanor — who, Betsy is happy to say, already sleeps through the night.


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