If you ask around, it’s relatively easy (no pun intended) to find a number of second-generation residents of River Landing at Sandy Ridge. But how about third-generation residents? Trisha Blue shares her deep roots to our community and why family was only one reason why River Landing was the perfect fit for them.

“We really didn’t plan to all be there,” Trisha says.

Trisha’s mother, Doris Blue, has been a resident of River Landing since moving over from the former Presbyterian Home of High Point. “She was happy there but liked the upgrades at River Landing,” she explains.

Trisha’s grandmother was a resident at Presbyterian Home of High Point, as well, with both enjoying life there very much. In fact, the nurse who took care of Trisha’s grandmother there is now one of the nurses caring for her mother in the Winged Foot area at River Landing today.

“His name is Tony Chapmon. He’s wonderful,” says Trisha. “He’s known our family for a long time.”

However, the family connections don’t stop there. Trisha’s aunt (Doris’ sister), Loreen Frazier, moved to River Landing and for a time got to be neighbors with Doris. “She wanted to be close to her sister, and got an apartment on the same floor,” Trisha adds.

Trisha and her husband, Don Medina, moved into their River Landing cottage in January of 2020. “We moved into the last of the 22 cottages in the expansion,” she explains. And her brother, Bill Blue, also decided to come to River Landing with his wife Becky, making the move in the midst of the pandemic earlier this year.

Moving here wasn’t just about family, according to Trisha. River Landing just turned out to be the best fit for them for a number of reasons. However, having Doris here gave her and Don insight into what made the community special.

“We’d been visiting since my mother moved in and we’d been so impressed with the staff,” says Trisha. “They are so friendly and always remembered us… They took an interest in the residents… It was a big draw.” Their experience led them to put their names on the waiting list back in 2007.

In addition to being so close to her mother, Trisha enjoys the freedom from having to take care of maintenance and chores around the cottage. This leaves her and Don with plenty of time to do what they really love — travel. The couple own a pair of motorcycles and take frequent road trips all over the United States.

“It’s a lot of fun… it’s a good way to see the country, see the smaller towns and meet people,” says Trisha. For those into motorcycles, Trisha now rides a Can Am Spyder after having ridden a custom Honda Gold Wing Trike on which she logged more than 220,000 miles.

But, she also finds that it is great to come home to River Landing.

“They’ve added so many amenities — the grounds, the wellness center, classes, games educational courses,” she explains, “there’s always something new to try.”

Since moving, Trisha has been truly pleased by how the staff has cared for her mother. “It’s given me such peace of mind during the pandemic to be able to see her and see firsthand the care she receives,” says Trisha. “It’s a blessing to be here and to know how well they care for her.”

When asked what they would recommend about moving to River Landing, Trisha shared advice that others had passed along to her. “They told us come sooner rather than later,” she says, noting that this gives you more time to enjoy the amenities and benefits of living in the community. But as a third-generation resident, Trisha recognizes that it’s also about knowing that you have the support of people around you who care. “To know that if we ever need that care… I feel very reassured,” she adds.


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