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8 Things to Avoid This Summer If You Have Allergies

With the weather working against you, here are ways to limit symptoms.

What It's Like to Be the Black Sheep of the Family

"Whatever you do, don't change."

The 9 Keys to a Happy Retirement

It turns out that happiness and retirement do go hand-in-hand after all.

Techies Save the Day at River Landing

When a resident is having computer trouble—from an odd error message to not connecting to the community's free wifi—they know just who they should call: residents Scott Lahti and Sandy Grey.

Letter from the Executive Director - Tom Smith (Spring 2017)

Mission development – The Board of Trustees, at its March meeting, approved a Master Plan which includes Independent Living additions, exciting renovations to the dining room, healthcare and wellness centers, and more. Details about the plan will be forthcoming as resident focus groups and staff work on more detailed plans for each of these items.

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