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Why I No Longer Feel Guilty About Taking Vacations

Seeing travel through her father’s 94-year-old eyes made all the difference.

Dancing Throughout Retirement

Before having a stroke in 2012 which would paralyze her entire left side of her body, she was an avid golfer and enjoyed spending time with her family. Yet, as she laid in a hospital bed that summer followed by grueling physical therapy sessions, it never occurred to her that she wouldn't get better.

Learning to Swim at 80

Tackling a lifelong to-do can be really enjoyable.

Robo-Advisers: Not Just for Millennials Anymore?

Boomers are intrigued, and a new robo targets retirees.

The 1 New Year's Resolution to Improve Your Finances 4 Ways

Here's what it is and how to put it into practice.

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