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How to Keep Off Extra Pounds During the Holidays

All of that holiday cheer can take a toll on the bathroom scale. How to keep the extra pounds off in 7 simple steps.

An Active, Productive Retirement

Whether for the love of their long-term career or their desire to remain sharp in their respective fields, many retirees are deciding to forego the traditional retirement road. Instead, some are choosing to retire and continue working but on their own terms.

Where Clinton and Trump Stand on Caregiving and Long-Term Care

‘Considering Americans 65 and older are the demographic group most likely to vote, it is astounding how little the major parties’ presidential candidates have talked about these two issues that loom so large in older adults’ lives.’

Tethered to Tech and Resenting It

As much as our connectedness brings us the ability to be instantly in touch and to beauty of communicating quickly, it can also perpetually attach us to our devices and platforms.

How to Save Money When You Travel In Retirement

Practical ideas to see the world without spending a fortune.

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