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Where Older Workers are Valued and Honored

Although it’s common to hear of older workers being laid off or pushed into retirement, there is also one type of place where older people are valued and sought-after.

The Magic of Leaving Your Comfort Zones in Retirement

When you discover that fulfilled retirees all have one thing in common, it's hard to not stop and listen. So, what is that one thing that offers the most fulfillment over the years? Intentionally living their lives (or a portion of it) outside of their "comfort zones."

6 Ways Age Changes How We Travel

As we age, our sense of adventure doesn't abandon us. In fact, we travel a lot even when we get older. It begs the question, then, how does our traveling habits change when we age?

Hit the Road to Our Annual Car Show!

Our 15th Annual Classic Car Show is coming up on May 12th. Meet a few of our resident car connoisseurs who delve into their passion for classics along with a few tips on navigating our awesome, fun car show.

Do You Really Need to Get an Annual Checkup?

Physicians are in disagreement over whether you should maintain your yearly wellness checkup. Check with your doctor before choosing the appropriate method of care for you.

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