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Meet Sandy Johnson, Our Famous Chicken Man

Everyone agrees: River Landing's Monday night fried chicken is delicious. Learn the story behind the mouthwatering staple meal and the man who makes it every week, Sandy Johnson.

Helpful Tips for Downsizing in Retirement

Just imagine the carefree and independent lifestyle that awaits when you are able to do away with the to-do list and enjoy living the way you want at River Landing.

What If There’s No Space in the CCRC Healthcare Center When I Need It?

At River Landing, residents always come first. That’s why there is never a worry about the what-ifs once you make your move to our warm and accommodating community.

Serving Up New, Fresh Dining Choices

At River Landing, we believe in always providing options that give our residents freedom and spur excitement throughout our community. That's why we are so thrilled to announce not one, not two, but three new dining venues to accompany our existing Bistro on the lower level of our main building.

Community Beyond Our Walls

The Talbotts hosted some of our Raleigh-based Residents of the Future for dinner. What a fun time!

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