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Re-inventing an Active Retirement

Many retirees see their future as a brand new chapter in their life free for discovery, activity and engagement. Our wonderful resident, Carolyn Wemyss, is one of those people.

When Should You 'Talk' Differently to Someone with Dementia?

Have a friend or family member suffering from dementia? Here are seven ways to have more positive experiences with your loved ones.

Should You Replace Your Financial Adviser in 2016?

Before making any rash decisions or before you choose to keep your current financial adviser for another year, take a look at this checklist to help give you more objective insight into your portfolio and financial manager.

A True Gift of the Heart: Mom is gone, but the gift she gave me lives on.

Sometimes a gift is much more than just a gift--it's a memory, a story, a symbol of pure love. For one woman, it meant more than anything in the world.

Why Keeping a Good Relationship With Your Doctor Is Key

'Medicine is all about relationships.' In a world in which Google has become our virtual doctor, one pediatrician looks into how a relationship with your doctor is absolutely important even today.

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