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8 Secrets of People Who Exercise Regularly

Wondering how the daily exercisers do it? We've got a few tips to help you start (or continue) to exercise no matter what your fitness level may be.

6 Things to Know About EMV Chip Credit Cards

You've probably noticed the new chips on your credit cards. But how do you use it and when? What changes does this mean? In this article, you'll learn the things you need to know about the new EMV chip credit cards.

Touching Lives and Hearts at River Landing

When Art and Sarah Glover, two residents at River Landing, found an opportunity to bring musical programs to other residents at River Landing, they never thought that they would witness such incredible moments in their new friends' lives.

Why Having Cancer Made Me Stop Rushing

"If we dare not to rush, not to live any faster than we are ignited from within, if we dare to slow into true presence the many times we do rush, if we dare to hear each other’s needs, if we dare to accept the discomfort of not knowing what to do until it becomes the comfort of a perennial question – we might find that one life in its unmitigated fullness may be more than enough."

How Long-Term Care Insurance Policies Backfire

They had long-term care insurance. But here’s the stunning way it went all wrong.

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