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Boomers In Retirement: The Greatest Giving Generation?

Merrill Lynch projects that in the next 20 years, boomers will have given over $8 trillion in time and money to organizations. And it's not for the reasons you may think.

Giving the Gift of Security for Generations

When the Mewbornes were looking into retirement, there was a few requirements: active lifestyle, impeccable care and the feeling of home. There was one place that met all of their wants and needs: River Landing.

What Your Friends Don't Know Can Hurt You

When you're going through a difficult time, your friends and family want to help. However, often times, without your specific guidance, they're at a loss and can come across insensitive or annoying. Learn what you can do instead to help make your relationship stronger.

Remembering the Wit of Erma Bombeck

Erma Bombeck famously said, "Seize the moment; remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart." Many people are now celebrating this "accidental feminist."

How Boomers Can Sell Their Homes to Millennials

When you're preparing to downsize and sell your home, it may feel like a never-ending list of things you need to do. Here, we help to narrow that list down into four features Millennials are looking for in their next home. Could yours be it?

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